Love and Appreciation for Turmeric

The VERDICT is in! people love Balance the Superfood Shot Turmeric Blend.

Life Equals Brand Ambassador, Joanne Schneider, shares her love affair with turmeric. Joanne is an Integrative Health Coach and enjoys creating healthy recipes.

“My love and appreciation for turmeric actually predates my health coach certification. My background in art gave me a love for its stunning color and cooking with turmeric yielded delicious flavor. That said, learning about its outstanding anti-inflammatory health benefits only increased my interest and my use. 

Of course, nothing is a greater teacher then life experience itself. As I think back, my love affair with all things turmeric started about eight years ago when I began to have intense pain in my left hip. Being an avid runner at the time, there was no way that I envisioned myself giving up my active lifestyle. I’ll save you all the gory details and just say that it took three years of deterioration for me to end up in surgery having my left hip replaced. And let me tell you up front, I am not a stoic. I hate pain and am not a person who handles it well. 

At the onset of pain, it was recommended to me to take Ibuprofen. When it was apparent that that was not going to be sufficient I was given additional pain medication. None of that really helped AND I knew that it was not good for my body. Taking a lot of pain medication over a long period of time is damaging to your liver. Since I had studied nutrition and was working full-time as a health coach I began looking at my holistic options. 

The most effective thing I took was turmeric. It amazed me that by adding an inch or so of fresh turmeric to my juices or smoothies every day (with black pepper) my pain was dramatically reduced. Of course, at the end of the day I still needed to have surgery, but the anti-inflammatory effect was remarkable. I became a believer. 

Since that time, I have been using turmeric daily to keep inflammation down, which reduces the risk of disease, helps to keep my skin clear, benefits my sleep and any healing my body needs.   My friends, family and clients are all aware of the benefits.

It’s not always easy or possible to get fresh turmeric, or to be able to juice it. That’s why I’m so excited about Life Equals Balance the Superfood Turmeric Blend shots! Easy, accessible, shelf stable bottles of pure, organic, goodness!! Perfect at home or on the go. I’ve been enjoying them straight from the bottle and in my smoothies. 

Follow Joanne on Instagram @nourishedbodyandmind for inspiration and an awesome chia pudding parfait recipe using Balance the Superfood Shot Turmeric Blend.

What other’s Are saying about our Turmeric Blend!

“This powerful superfood shot delivers 1/2 of your daily fruits and veggies. It’s a convenient, on-the-go way to get those nutrients in when you don’t have access to fresh whole foods or time to prepare them. That said, this is definitely a strong tasting shot. It has a tart, earthy taste. If you’re looking for something to drink for pure enjoyment, this probably isn’t for you. If you’re concerned about your health and providing your body with the best possible fuel, definitely try these!” -Amazon Customer

“I really love turmeric, and the taste of turmeric in sweet and savory recipes. This shot is very flavorful, and you can taste the real ingredients in each sip.”

“At this point, I refuse to travel without these shots because it’s not always easy to get your greens in when traveling. Also, on busy days when you just can’t seem to eat 3 well-balanced meals because of work or errands or something else, it’s a great thing to just whip out a Balance Shot & not feel guilty or stressed about what did or didn’t happen that day.” Krysten – Read the full blog post by Krysten’s Kitchen.

The Life Equals Team

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