5 Ways to Stay Healthy When Traveling With Kids

Being healthy when you are a mom is super hard. Being healthy when you are traveling, also super hard. But when you combine the two? It seems like an impossible task to keep up on you, and your kid’s, health and wellness goals!

No matter how impossible it seems, you will enjoy your vacation more (and be more able to keep up with your kids) if you are feeling your best. That means that eating well and exercising are especially important when you’re on the road.

Thankfully I have some tips to help your entire family stay healthy when you’re away from home, just in time for those summer vacations!

  1. Plan ahead: You plan your flights or the route you are going to drive, you plan what hotels you will stay at and what sights you will see. As you are doing all this planning, make sure you are also planning out healthy food. Research healthy restaurants, farmer’s markets, and grocery stores in the areas you will be visiting. Use a calendar to put together a meal plan for each day of your trip. When you have a plan, you are less likely to hit a fast food place or give in to gas station snacks.
  2. Stay somewhere with a kitchen: With so many extended stay hotels and Airbnb options available, it becoming easier to find a place with a kitchen. Cooking your own meals can not only help you make more healthy choices, it can also save you a lot of money, especially when you have a lot of little mouths to feed.
  3. Pack for success: There are so many healthy snacks that are easy to keep on hand. Some of our favorites are homemade granola bars or powerballs, other bars with few ingredients like Larabars or RX bars; fresh produce like apples, oranges, carrot sticks, cucumber slices; or nuts and seeds. Balance shots are the perfect way to pack a ton of nutrition in a small package. They are shelf stable, the kids love them, and they are under the 2 oz liquid requirement required by airlines. I never go anywhere without stocking up!
  4. Plan active and healthy activities: Take stretch breaks with the family during long drives or teach the kids chair yoga poses for on the airplane. When you get to your destination, fill your time with swimming, trips to the park and playgrounds, and walking tours of historic places. Exercise can be fun and make some amazing memories!
  5. Stay hydrated: Picking up a new reusable water bottle for each person can make drinking water fun. Take them empty through security at the airport and refill them on the other side. Or fill them at each stop when driving. You may need to stop more often for potty breaks, but everyone will feel better if they are getting in enough water.

Most importantly, keep in mind that no one is going to be perfect all the time. Do the best you can, don’t be too hard on yourself when things don’t go according to plan, and enjoy this special time with your family. Happy, healthy travels!

Written by Emily Allen – HealthByEmily.com

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The Life Equals Team