Grab-and-Go Snacks that use Balance the Superfood Shot

As you map out your week ahead – it is jam packed with meetings, coordinating your family’s busy schedules, and an attempt to try and squeeze in a little work out. Amidst all of life’s demands you still have to make sure you and your family are fed; and in this day and age, not only fed but with proper nutrition AND delicious flavor – or you can forget it! Sound familiar?

At Life Equals, we understand the weekly struggle that parents, students, and busy humans in general face everyday. Our schedules are crazy but our health is still a priority – which is why we created Balance the Superfood Shot in the first place.

If you’ve been following along with us for awhile, you know that our Balance the Superfood Shot can be enjoyed by just twisting open the lid and drinking to get ½ a day’s serving of fruits and vegetables. However, sometimes you want all the benefits of Balance and a delicious meal, but don’t have time to do all the prep work, chopping and cooking it would take to get the equivalent amount of nutrition there is in our superfood shot.

That’s why we love to add Balance the Superfood Shot into make-ahead snacks that are just as easy to assemble and grab on-the-go as it is to grab a Balance. Below, we share some of our favorite make-ahead snacks and treats that incorporate Balance the Superfood Shot as an ingredient. These snacks include, Balance Energy Bites, Balance Berry Fruit Leather, a Balance Peach and Strawberry Slushie, and Balance Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies.

Balance Energy Bites

These sweet and salty, fruit and nut energy bites are a tasty snack to make-ahead and enjoy all week long.


Balance Fruit Leather

The perfect sweet treat that also packs a nutritional and healthy punch.


Balance Peach and Strawberry Slushie

A refreshing way to start your morning or end a work out.


Balance Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies

A warm and satisfying way to enjoy breakfast.

The Life Equals Team