Eating Approach

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Today we sit down for a conversation with Chris Thowe and Kyle FitzGerald, Co-Founders of Life Equals.  

Jessica asks, “What is your eating approach outside of drinking Balance the Superfood Shot?


“I will be really honest, I’m someone who actually needs this product because a lot of days of I’m just not getting enough real fruits and veggies. I eat all spectrums of food and am not dietarily limited. My family and I focus on eating a real food diet. There’s a website I follow 100 Days of Real Food.  The website has a deep seeded understanding that eating something with tons of preservatives just isn’t healthy. Eating something that’s filled with all this crazy stuff we come up with in factories and put into foods to make it crunchier or crispier, or last longer in a plastic bag or on a shelf, that stuff just isn’t good for us.”

“We focus on real foods. No preservatives, no white flour, no added sugar. “

“My wife and I right now are trying to cut meat out of our diet. Not completely, but to greatly reduce our intake of meat. This was a New Year’s resolution we made and are still keeping up with! Every single Monday is our meatless meal day. Cooking is really big in our house and I absolutely love it. When we cook a big meal on a Monday, we have leftovers throughout the majority of the week so we’re eliminating a ton of meat from our diets. It’s been really exciting to explore the variety of flavors and recipes we’re getting to experience that I wouldn’t have thought could be possible with the vegetarian option. “


“Beyond that, when anyone asks me what they should be doing besides drinking Balance my answer is always more water. People think they drink enough water but they just don’t. They might slaw one before they go to bed but the rest of the day they are dehydrated.  Working in more water into your diet is absolutely critical. Most people underestimate that. They go through most of life being dehydrated and they don’t even realize it.”

“Each time I go on vacation I’m eating more rich foods and drinking more beverages that aren’t water I get dehydrated and I feel like crap every time. Then I realize, oh yeah, I’m dehydrated, but it can take you days to figure that out.”

“Diet can be super simple. There is no magic solution, right? You can believe whatever you believe in that if you eat clean, eat less meat. Meat is the most expensive item we eat and there’s tons of research about what it does to the planet. For those that are vegetarians or vegan or are aiming to consume less meat, that’s commendable.”

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The Life Equals Team