Chris and Kyle share why they love Life Equals

This was originally a Facebook Live video.

Today we sit down for a conversation with Chris Thowe and Kyle FitzGerald, Co-Founders of Life Equals.  

What do you love about Life Equals?


“I think it’s cool to be able to work with a bunch of awesome people every single day that are super passionate about what we do. Our mission is to bring a super simple product which delivers half you day’s fruits and veggies to the masses. It’s incredibly humbling to work with a bunch of intense, super awesome people who just love what we do.”


“That was my answer as well. We both worked in same office building, which is weird that we would find each other there since we worked at different companies but we did and became best friends. Both companies were filled with disgruntled people.  Professionals that were doing work they went to school for but weren’t loving it, were treated poorly, and weren’t taken seriously. They didn’t have the opportunities to grow.”

“My dream was what if we could get together, work hard, have fun every single day, work with others that are exploring what they want to do in life and pursuing their own passions.  What if we could create a culture where they are supported and treated like a real human beings? That was my dream.”

“At the end of the day to know that we’ve done something that matters and that actually give something new to the world is wildly important, right? “

“We’re not producing another iPhone case or a gadget that goes on your laptop. There’s plenty of that out there.  We wanted to cultivate something that really mattered and made the world a better place. “

“Creating Balance the Superfood Shot has given us the opportunity to contribute to the world in such a profound way.  We are helping people get much needed nutrients from fruits and veggies that might not make it to their plates due to super busy lifestyles.”

“Organic farming is important to me as well and now we can support farmers that are dedicated to growing organic food. We live in the urban part of Kansas City, but in our backyard we have an organic garden. It’s a big deal to me that we can feed our family fresh, organic food that we grow ourselves and I can teach my children about where our food comes from. I know that not everyone has that opportunity, though, so bringing Balance the Superfood Shot to the masses is such an important mission. “


“I grew up in Kansas and have family that goes back to my great grandfather’s generation less than two hours away from the city and his family is still farming the land today. It’s not organic, super nutrient dense products like in our shot, but maybe it might be some day. It’s super cool to be able to bring that agricultural mentality that has been in my family for generations to what I’m creating today. “


“To wrap that up, it’s neat that we share that cultural heritage. Chris and I have such similar stories. My family has a homestead and we’ve been farming that same piece of land for well over one hundred years. I never would have thought I’d be in the same field. Not that we’re farmers but we support organic agriculture and invest in farms that believe in growing organic food. Every bottle of Balance the Superfood Shot takes conventional agricultural products of the market. That is what you’re doing by drinking Balance, and that’s what we’re doing by making it. That’s just really cool.”

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The Life Equals Team